StillPoint Yoga Studio in Blairstown NJ provides a comfortable and safe environment for people to step away from the stress and pressures of daily life and explore the possibility of transformation and change on a cellular level, both mentally and physically.

Based on the ancient science of Ha-tha Yoga and the contemporary needs of the Western body-mind, StillPoint Yoga is a practice for strong, fit and broken bodies alike. But words cannot convey the experience, nor the feelings of energy and vitality following a yoga class. You will have to take time to discover that for yourself and with ongoing classes seven days a week you can find just what you need here at StillPoint Yoga Studio.

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StillPoint Yoga Studio

143 Route 94 (2nd Floor, Fitness Empire)

Blairstown, NJ 07825

info@stillpointyoga.net / 908-578-5475

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