“You can only lose what you cling to.”

StillPoint Yoga Studio Moving to New Location

Closed 9/2-9/4, 155 Rt. 94

Reopen 9/5, 143 Rt. 94

Aparigraha (SA: अपरिग्रह)
a: non / pari: things / graha: grasp
  • The virtue of non-possessiveness, non-grasping or non-greediness.
  • The fifth Yama (or Code of Restraint).


Fitness empireStillPoint Yoga Studio will be moving 0.3 miles down the road to 143 Rt 94 in Blairstown . StillPoint will now be located in Fitness Empire on the 2nd floor. (Please note that StillPoint will be renting this space and remains an independent business.) We will officially open in our new location on Tuesday, 9/5/2017. We will be closed for the Labor Day holiday weekend and be holding our final classes in our current space on Friday 9/1.

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