“You can only lose what you cling to.”

StillPoint Yoga Studio Moving to New Location

Closed 9/2-9/4, 155 Rt. 94

Reopen 9/5, 143 Rt. 94

Aparigraha (SA: अपरिग्रह)
a: non / pari: things / graha: grasp
  • The virtue of non-possessiveness, non-grasping or non-greediness.
  • The fifth Yama (or Code of Restraint).


Fitness empireStillPoint Yoga Studio will be moving 0.3 miles down the road to 143 Rt 94 in Blairstown . StillPoint will now be located in Fitness Empire on the 2nd floor. (Please note that StillPoint will be renting this space and remains an independent business.) We will officially open in our new location on Tuesday, 9/5/2017. We will be closed for the Labor Day holiday weekend and be holding our final classes in our current space on Friday 9/1.

“Everybody seems so happy today; it’s a sunshine day.” – The Brady Bunch

Sun0Kissed Water BlogA quick glance at the calendar assures me that we are fast approaching summer officially. However, the rain and cold of recent weeks has my head thinking spring. Trying to snap my spirit and mind into the alignment with the season, I have stumbled upon a new love – summer in a glass! I have named this concoction “Sun-Kissed” Water in homage to a favorite childhood treat. In my memories, drinking orange soda is intimately tied to endless summer days, neighborhood-wide kick ball games, and laying on the grass with friends sharing our deepest secrets. Today’s me – older certainly, wiser debatable – has left soda behind along with a few other things from childhood… This “Sun-Kissed” water has just the right amount of bright sunny citrus – without the sugar – that it lifts my spirits and places a summer smile on my face despite what the weather may bring!

Sun-Kissed Water

4 drops Young Living Tangerine Vitality Essential Oil (unfamiliar with YL or essential oils?)

12 oz water of your choice (flat or sparkling)

Festive Straw optional

“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates

Essential Oils-A Timeline_Infographic_US_AH EditedTired of trying new health and wellness fads?

Well then essential oils are right up your alley! Essential oils have been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, to support wellness and for cosmetic purposes.  They have been diffused, used topically and ingested. The first recorded use of essential oils is in Mesopotamia in 3500 BC with the development of the first-known distillation apparatus. Essential oils have been regarded among the treasures of the world. In what, perhaps, may be the best known story in the world, these precious essential oils were two of three gifts worthy of presenting to the new King. Click the image above to enlarge and learn more about the timeline of essential oils and their special place in the history of our world.

To learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, visit our EO web page.

“She believed she could so she did.”

Teen Yoga Returns!
Starting March 8th, Teen Yoga returns to StillPoint on Wednesdays from 2:45-3:45 pm.  


Click here to register.

Why yoga?

Teens face enormous pressure from varied sources today – from academic pressure to the constant presence of social media – in addition to the good old-fashioned general teenage angst of social anxiety, body image issues, shifting moods, and changing hormones. It’s a lot to navigate.

Many teens are drawn to yoga for the physical benefits it can bring, including increased strength and flexibility, injury prevention and increased balance and coordination. What may not be as obvious are the emotional and mental benefits of yoga.

Through the practice of yoga, teens can develop techniques for reducing stress and increasing focus and concentration. A 2009 study to assess the effect of yoga on academic performance of teens in relation to stress found that the students who practiced yoga performed better in academics. (Click here to see study.)

Yoga can also help teens connect with their deeper emotions and develop self respect and acceptance. In many students, this deeper connection with oneself leads to greater compassion for others and our world.

This will be a 6-class series running 3/8-4/12. Series will most likely renew for an additional six classes following the North Warren spring break.) Register today.

“Let’s start at the very beginning / A very good place to start.” – Do-Re-Mi by Rodgers and Hammerstein

yoga-101-flyer-series-210/24/16 – But wait! There’s more!

StillPoint Yoga Studio’s “Yoga 101: Foundations” series will be continuing with a second six-week session running 11/9-12/14. It will continue to be held on Wednesday evenings from 6-7:15 pm.  Whether you are brand new to yoga and looking to learn the foundational poses and elements of a strong and safe practice, or a past practitioner looking to refresh and reconnect after returning from a hiatus, this class is tailored to you.

To register, click here and then click on the Workshops tab or email info@stillpointyoga.net

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Gautam Buddha

rise-and-shine-flyer10/19/16 – Rise. Flow. Shine.

We are excited to announce “Rise & Shine” yoga kicking off Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 6 am.

Roll out of bed and onto your mat to start your day with a morning yoga flow, that will stretch, strengthen and energize.

Today’s busy work schedules, family expectations and non-stop lifestyles, leave many of us over-scheduled and exhausted. We often demand a high performance from our body and mind without the time to train or revitalize thoroughly. 

What can you do? Make a six a.m., six-week commitment to your body. Through this morning yoga flow, you can increase flexibility and physical strength, as well as improve balance, reduce stress, heighten mental focus, and connect the mind and body.

Open to all levels. To register, click here or email info@stillpointyoga.net.

This class will be launched as a 6-week series (11/2 – 12/7) initially to gauge student interest. If this time period is working for students, the class will be continued.

“The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible but there arriving she is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise.” – Plato

img_568310/18/16 –

What a beautiful day to take flight.

We worked in class this morning on facing the challenges and fears presented in an arm balance just as we face the challenges and fears we confront seeking balance in our lives. Be light. Shift forward. Gaze ahead. Let go. Our approach to our practice on the mat is often the mirror for our approach to the challenges off our mat.

“Then, you look back at where you’ve been with gratitude at the urgent, persistent whisper of growth.” – Rabi Alan Lurie

img_555110/1/16 – In class this morning, we continued to explore finding and creating space and stillness both within ourselves and  among the noise and chaos of the world around us. We meditated upon a quote from Talmud using an essay from Rabi Alan Lurie entitled, Listening to the Call of Growth.  “Like grass, we grow physically, because physical growth is naturally built in to the cycle of all life. Unlike grass, though, we also have the capacity to grow in another, more crucial way. We can grow in consciousness – in our ability to connect to others, to live meaningfully, and to have a positive impact…We can choose to hear and to act on this call to conscious growth, or we can ignore it, drowning out the angelic whisper with the noisy external distractions of constant entertainment, the internal chatter of our mental judgments, or the drone of our unconscious routine ways of thinking and reacting. We resist the call of conscious growth in order to feel safe and to avoid the discomfort of change, but this strategy inevitably backfires…Conscious growth, then, begins when we chose to listen to its call, and invite it in. We invite growth when we are willing to examine our fixed beliefs: who we think that we are, why others behave as they do, and how the world works. Many (perhaps most) of our beliefs about ourselves and others are simply constructs that we created, usually at a very early age, in reactions to fears, unmet needs, and disappointments, in order to protect us from the uncertainties that we could not understand, and to ensure survival…Conscious growth happens when we break this pattern and begin to realize that there are other, more effective, more positive ways to be…Now you begin to realize that there are possibilities for understanding the world to which you were completely blind, because you absolutely believed your construct about how things are. Suddenly the incredible possibility arises that your construct may not be the absolute truth, and there is another way of seeing things. Then, in the birth of new possibilities you grow and are pulled forward, as new ways of seeing your life and the world appear. Then, you look back of where you’ve been with gratitude at the urgent, persistent whisper of growth.” To read the entire essay – which I highly recommend – visit Listening to the Call of Growth at The Huffington Post.