in·ver·sion /inˈvərZHən/

This month we are exploring inversions at StillPoint- from handstand and forearm stand to legs up the wall and forward bend. We planned for a March focus on inversions weeks ago before the world turned upside down. For a moment this week, I thought, “Oh no. We need to change to grounding poses, add more pranayama, lay longer in savasana, and, and, and…” And then I sat still. I came to my breath. I came to my stillness. I came to myself.

Yes, we do need those things – always. But right now, my world is turning upside down on the daily and, sometimes, on the hour. What I need now is to find my breath, find my stillness and find myself in each moment in every inversion that my world is moving in. My life is a bit upside down. My days are definitely not in their usual balance. I need to root firmly into my foundation and ground. I need to lift and extend and find my breath and my strength. I need to do this right side up and upside down. I need to understand – to know – that in the topsy turvy, I can find stillness, gathering in, extending out, the fullness of an inhale and the letting go of an exhale.

Please come join us this month for inversions – whether that means a forward bend to take your head below your heart or a handstand to take your feet above your head, it’s all here waiting for you. ❤️

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