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New to yoga and don’t know where to begin?

YOGA 101 – Foundations
Yoga 101 – Foundations is offered as a six-week series for students new to yoga or returning students looking for a refresher. This series is ongoing and new students are welcome to join at any time.  Stand alone series is $72.

Cynthia J Cupovic

Cynthia J Cupovic
Hello! My name is Jasminka Cupovic. Throughout my whole life I have been involved in different sports. Last ten years as a fitness instructor I put myself through kickboxing, cardio and muscle training classes. I love to teach aerobics. My joy has grown significantly since November 2007 when I was certified as Zumba instructor. I feel great to just dance away all of the stresses that come along with a regular daily routine. So please join me in dancing life’s worries away incorporating moves from salsa, meringue, cumbia what is now know as the sensation of Zumba.

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