“Everybody seems so happy today; it’s a sunshine day.” – The Brady Bunch

Sun0Kissed Water BlogA quick glance at the calendar assures me that we are fast approaching summer officially. However, the rain and cold of recent weeks has my head thinking spring. Trying to snap my spirit and mind into the alignment with the season, I have stumbled upon a new love – summer in a glass! I have named this concoction “Sun-Kissed” Water in homage to a favorite childhood treat. In my memories, drinking orange soda is intimately tied to endless summer days, neighborhood-wide kick ball games, and laying on the grass with friends sharing our deepest secrets. Today’s me – older certainly, wiser debatable – has left soda behind along with a few other things from childhood… This “Sun-Kissed” water has just the right amount of bright sunny citrus – without the sugar – that it lifts my spirits and places a summer smile on my face despite what the weather may bring!

Sun-Kissed Water

4 drops Young Living Tangerine Vitality Essential Oil (unfamiliar with YL or essential oils?)

12 oz water of your choice (flat or sparkling)

Festive Straw optional

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