Day by Day

At StillPoint, we are dedicated to building a community of fellow travelers seeking wellness and balance of mind, body, and spirit. Our favorite times are when the space is filled to the rafters with the sounds of shared support, shared laughter and shared silence. 

As we move deeper into the unknown waters of COVID19, we are diligently trying to gather real facts and guidance to make informed decisions. Our number one priority continues to be the physical safety and emotional and mental comfort of our students while in the studio. We will be open for MONDAY 3/16, leaving it to each student to make her/his own personal decision regarding comfort levels. 

StillPoint is assessing whether to stay open moment-to-moment and this status will be determined daily. Our gatherings are small in size, but we will comply if requested to close or if students numbers are too low. 

In the meantime, we are making provisions to offer classes online so that we can continue to practice together. Now more than ever, we must roll out the mat, move our body, follow the breath, and trust our practice. More information and instructions will be coming on these online classes very soon.

Please be aware that both StillPoint and Fitness Empire are being vigilant in disinfecting equipment shared in the facility and the studio. We ask that you also be mindful in wiping down anything you have used. StillPoint encourages all students to bring their own personal props (mat, blocks, straps, etc) if you would be more comfortable. 

Om shanti shanti shanti.

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