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Yoga 101: Foundations

In this 6-class series, we will slowly explore the basics of yoga including safe alignment for postures, breathing techniques for relaxation, basic yoga terms and studio etiquette, and the mind-body connection. Yoga 101 is tailored to both the student new to yoga and the student who is returning to yoga and looking for a refresher – regardless of your fitness level or flexibility. Moving slowly through the fundamentals of yoga, students will enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, stress relief and general conditioning.

Yoga 101 – Foundations is offered as a six-week series for students new to yoga or returning students looking for a refresher. This series is not included with monthly unlimited packages. Class passes are accepted. Stand alone series is $72.

Level I Enlighten

This practice of the basics allows for a safe and effective yoga practice. You will come to know your physical body through the power of stretch, balance and internalizing your awareness. Classes include Sun salutations, forward and back bends, balancing and stretching postures that restore flexibility and strength to muscles and ligaments, while releasing held stress and tension. This Enlighten class is perfect for practitioners seeking to build their understanding of the proper alignment of postures (asana) and the importance of breath (pranayama). Class instruction will include both the Sanskrit and English names of postures.

Mixed Level – Open – 4th Friday of the month ONLY

Mixed Level – Open allows for a more in depth exploration of the practice of yoga. Beginning with a series of Ullolas, Sun Salutations and Vinyasa flow, the students will move through a sequence of building poses leading to more challenging postures. Time will be given to the understanding of each pose as to proper alignment and how to prepare for and, eventually, accomplish the asana. Perfect for the more experienced student with a solid foundation in alignment and pranayama seeking to honor and expand their personal practice.  Modifications for more advanced postures will be offered.  Class will be primarily in Sanskrit. Minimum of one year yoga practice is required.

Gentle Movement / Chair Yoga

Fondly referred to as Broken Bodies yoga, this class is geared towards individuals with injuries or wanting a slow, gentle class. Suited for old and young alike, a folding chair is used for ease of movement and balance. A great class to practice yoga in a slow and easy manner.  All levels are welcome. The ability to get on and off the floor with assistance of a chair is required.

Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga is the perfect time to slow down and listen to the needs of our body-mind. With the use of certain props we will massage hands, arms and feet; roll tension from the shoulders, back, and legs; open the heart/lungs gently with bolsters and chair. Then, with the body in balance and the energy channels open, we will rest with awareness of our body’s response to having been loved and carry this feeling of bliss out into our lives. All levels are welcome.

Open Vinyasa Flow

This Vinyasa Flow style class is open to multi-levels of yoga experience. Student’s willing to accept the challenge of honoring their limitations and moving beyond the mental restrictions that limit the body-mind from achieving full potential are all welcome. This class is the perfect opportunity for students willing to take the next step in their yoga practice. Open to Level I, intermediate and advanced students. New or first time Yoga students must first take the Level I or Yoga Flow classes before attending the Vinyasa classes.

Yin Yoga

No yoga experience necessary.  Most yoga in the west is Yang style – muscular, masculine, solar energy. While the Yin style is opposite – stillness, feminine, lunar energy. It’s about our connective tissue. Poses are all on the floor either sitting or lying down relaxing muscle and leaning into the deeper connective tissue for 2-5 minutes per pose.  Time and stillness are the only safe way to access connective tissue which shortens and dries out as we age.  Through Yin, we open and hydrate connective tissue creating more freedom and ease in the joints, especially those of the hips and lower back.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a deeply calming, therapeutic class. The use of bolsters and props (such as blankets, blocks and chairs), essential oils and Reiki, when called for, assist the student to allow for deep relaxation. Restorative yoga accesses the central nervous system, reverses the fight and flight response of every day life and leaves the student centered and stress-free at the end of the day. This class is suitable for anyone, including  those with physical limitations and debilitating illnesses. The ability to get on and off the floor with assistance of a chair is required. All levels welcome.

Rise & Shine Yoga (11/2-12/7)

Rise. Flow. Shine. Roll out of bed and onto your mat to start your day with a morning yoga flow, that will stretch, strengthen and energize.

Today’s busy work schedules, family expectations and non-stop lifestyles, leave many of us over-scheduled and exhausted. We often demand a high performance from our body and mind without the time to train or revitalize thoroughly. 

What can you do? Make a six a.m., six-week commitment to your body. Through this morning yoga flow, you can increase flexibility and physical strength, as well as improve balance, reduce stress, heighten mental focus, and connect the mind and body.

This class will be launched as a 6-week series (11/2 – 12/7) initially to gauge student interest. If this time period is working for students, the class will be continued.

TRX Suspension Training for Yoga

Using TRX suspension trainers, students will challenge and build stability, core strength, and flexibility. TRX suspension training will complement and improve your yoga practice as it will not only build the muscle to lift your body weight but will also provide support as you work towards more challenging postures.

Yoga Flow

This class is an introduction into the basic vinyasa style of yoga. It includes connecting the movement to the breath for all levels of experience, but is a particularly good class for the beginner or novice.


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